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What is "Jewish" about art? Could we understand ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary plastic arts without their Jewish dimensions? Does Jewish art have to include religious elements? Is "Israeli" art also Jewish? Join our fascinating journey into both art history and Jewish studies.

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Fixing the World: Feminist Art and Jewish Identity
From the early 1970s to the present, Jewish women have been at the center of the feminist art world. The course deals with the intersecting issues of feminist art, women’s art, and Jewish art. It illuminates the contribution of Jewish artists to the feminist art world…
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Research: אמנות ומגדר זהות יהודית באמנות נשים ובאמנות פמיניסטית בישראל ובארצות הברית אמנות שואה ואמנות פוסט-שואה מגדר, שואה ואמנות מלחמה באמנות מודרנית…