Dr. Zvi Orgad

Dr. Zvi Orgad



Zvi Orgad, Eliezer-Zusman at Work: The Early Modern Synagogue Artisan and his World, Boston: Brill (forthcoming).

Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

 Zvi Orgad, “Transferring Visual Culture: The Case of Eliezer-Zusman," in Nitza Davidovitch and Eyal Lewin (eds.), Warsaw and Jerusalem: Polish-Jewish History, Culture, Values, and Education between Paradise and Inferno (Irvine, CA: Universal Publishers), 47–58 (forthcoming).

Zvi Orgad, "The Status of a Wife’s Name in a Painter’s Synagogue Signature," Judaica Ukrainica: peer-reviewed annual journal on Jewish studies, 5 (forthcoming).

Zvi Orgad, “Synagogue on Display: The Unterlimpurg Prayer Room,” in Katrin Keßler, Ulrich Knufinke, Alexander von Kienlin, and Annette Weber (eds.), Synagogue and Museum, 10 (Petersberg: Bet Tfila – Research Unit for Jewish Architecture in Europe, 2018), 109–112.

Zvi Orgad and David Cassuto, "The Unterlimpurg Synagogue: Issues Involved in Restoring a Demolished Synagogue," in Nitza Davidovitch and Dan Soen (eds.), Shoa and Experience: A Journey in Time (Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2015) 136–167.

צבי אורגד ודוד קאסוטו, "בית הכנסת של אונטרלימפורג: סוגיות בשחזור בית כנסת שחרב", בתוך ניצה דוידוביץ  ודן סואן (עורכים), אל גיא צלמוות: חוויית השואה בראייה רב־תחומית (תל אביב: רסלינג, 2015), 294–265 (תרגום של המאמר לעיל שיצא לאור ב- Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2015).

Papers Presented at Scientific Conferences and Guest Lectures                 

2019    The International Medieval Congress 2019, University of Leeds: session chairperson: Jewish Craftspeople and Their Material Evidence, II: Writing, Illuminating, and Binding Books; "From Symmetry to Equilibrium: Effects of Synagogue Interior Architecture on Mural Paintings" (forthcoming, July 3rd)

2019    IMAGO conference Body and Matter in Medieval and Early Modern Arts, The Open University of Israel: "The Twinkling Twins: Urinating Gemini in a Hebrew Illuminated Manuscript" (forthcoming, April 10th)

2018    XIth Congress of European Association for Jewish Studies, Cracow: session organizer: From Micro to Macro in synagogue architecture; "From Symmetry to Equilibrium: Effects of Synagogue Interior Architecture on Mural Paintings" (July 18th)

2018    25th Annual International Conference on Jewish Studies, Moscow: "Messiah's Elephant: Sacred Buildings Returning to Jerusalem in Synagogue Paintings" (May 2nd)

2018    international conference Israel - From a Dream to a Dream Come True, Gniezno: "Heaven to Earth: Replacement of the Zodiac by the Twelve Tribes in Synagogue Decorations as a Sign of National Redemption" (January 23rd)

2017    Lecture in the Hällisch-Fränkisches Museum, Schwäbisch Hall: "Eliezer-Zusman’s Workshop" (October 16th)

2017    17th World Congress of Jewish Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: "Eliezer-Zusman’s Synagogue Paintings: Lost Sources Rediscovered" (August 9th)

2017    IMAGO conference The Art of Ritual and Ritual of Art, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: "Call and Response: Inscription Designs Indicating Liturgical Song in Eighteenth Century Synagogue Paintings and Rites" (March 3rd, Hebrew)

2016    international conference Modern Jewish existence in a world of threats and hostility, Ariel University: "Subjective Memory: On the Display of the Unterlimpurg Synagogue in the Hälisch Fränkischen Museum in Schwäbisch Hall" (November 29th)

2016    Synagogue and Museum: 3rd International Congress on Jewish Architecture at Technische Universität Braunschweig: "Religious vs. Artistic in Musealized Synagogues: The Case of the Unterlimpurg Prayer Room" (November 23rd)

2016    International Workshop Synagogue Wall Paintings: Research, Preservation, Presentation, The Center for Jewish Art, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem: "Seeing the Elephant: Repetition and Invention in Eighteenth-century synagogue painting" (September 14th)

2016    Young Researchrs Conference at Bar-Ilan University, Faculty of Jewish Studies: "'Ezer-Kenegdo [His Helpmate]': On the Marital Status of Synagogue Painters in the 18th Century" (May 30th, Hebrew)

2015    Coordinator and lecturer: International Workshop Constructing and Deconstructing Jewish Art, Bar-Ilan University; "Judge a Bird by its Feathers: Did Eliezer-Zusman Paint the Unterlimpurg Synagogue?" (September 8th)

2015    Inter-university colloquium for young researchers, Bar-Ilan University: "The Mystery of the Wild Cock in Eliezer-Zusman's Paintings" (May 26th,Hebrew)

2015    Lecture in a Mini Course: Gate to the Lord: Symbolic Language of East-European Synagogue Art, National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Kiev: "Eliezer-Zusman: a synagogue painter in the Eighteenth century" (May 21st)





Designing the Object: Custom and Halakha

Jewish Art as Exegesis and Interpretation: Animal Images


Materials in Plastic Arts

Materials in Plastic Arts

Materials in Plastic Arts: Paint

Materials in Plastic Arts: collage



  • Synagogue art
  • Early modern illuminated manuscripts
  • Ritual objects



2018: Post Doctorate, Hochschule für Jüdische Studien, Heidelberg. Supervisor: Prof. Annette Weber. Title: “Illustrated Text or Annotated Image: Relations between Hebrew Manuscript Illuminators and Synagogue Painters.”                   

2013–2017: PhD, Faculty of Jewish Studies, Department of Jewish Art, Bar-Ilan University. Supervisors: Prof. Ilia Rodov and Prof. David Cassuto. Dissertation Title: “Eliezer-Zusman: An Eighteenth-Century Synagogue Painter at Work.”

2010–2012: MA (Magna cum Laude), Department of Israel Heritage, Ariel University. Supervisor: Prof. David Cassuto

2004–2005: B.Ed. (Cum Laude) in Graphic design and Teaching, WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education

Professional Experience and Appointments

Since 2018: editor, Art and Research: Bulletin of the Gershon and Judith Leiber Center for Jewish Art Exhibitions.

Since 2017: assistant lecturer, Bar-Ilan University, The Department of Jewish Art

Since 2017: lecturer, Western Galilee College

Since 2017: Israeli Executive Director and a researcher, the Israeli-German project "The Torah Ark in German Lands" (Bar-Ilan University – Technische Universität Braunschweig), supported by German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development

Academic year 2016–17: coordinator of Bar-Ilan University, Jewish Art Department seminar: "Time, Identity and Location in Visual Culture"

Organizing of Scientific Colloquia

2019    organizer: Inter-university conference Keiad Kotvin? Haot Haivrit Ba'amanut [How to Write? The Hebrew Letter in Art], Bar-Ilan University (forthcoming, May 15th)

2018    session organizer: "From Micro to Macro in synagogue architecture", XIth Congress of European Association for Jewish Studies, Cracow (July 18th)

2018    organizer: Inter-university conference Besod Hayetzira: Torat Rabbi Nahman Mibreslav Veamanut Yehudit [In the Secret of Creation: Rabbi Nahman of Breslau's Law and Jewish Art], Jerusalem (April 24th)

2017    organizer: Inter-university conference Omanut Yehudit Kemismach History [Jewish Art as a Historical Document], Bar-Ilan University (April 19th)

2015    Coordinator: International Workshop Constructing and Deconstructing Jewish Art, Bar-Ilan University (September 7th–9th)

Membership in Professional Societies

Since 2016: ICOMOS – International Council on Monuments and Sites; since 2017: member,  the Wall Paintings Committee

Since 2014: Imago, the Israeli Association for Visual Culture in the Middle Ages

Scholarships and awards

2016    Leonid Nevzlin Research Center for Russian and east European Studies, Research Grant for the academic year 2017–2018

2016    The Naomy Prawer Kadar Foundation, full scholarship for Four-weeks Yiddish language studies, The Yiddish Summer Program at Tel Aviv University, summer semester 2016 

2015    Erasmus Mundus EMAIL II, Scholarship for autumn semester 2015–2016 in Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Austria

2015    Leonid Nevzlin Research Center for Russian and east European Studies, Research Grant for the academic year 2016–2017

2015    Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, Doctoral Scholarship for academic year 2015–2016

2015    Tübingen University, Scholarship for "Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland" program, summer 2015

2014    Bar-Ilan University, Presidential Doctoral Fellowship of Excellence for the academic years 2014–2017

2014    Polish Government, Scholarship for four-weeks of Polish language and culture studies at The Jagiellonian University Summer School, Krakow, summer semester 2014

2014    IMAGO Award – The Israeli Association for Visual Culture in the Middle Ages

2011    Ariel University, Presidential Excellence Award for the academic year 2010–2011

1998    America-Israel Cultural Foundation, Excellence Award in graphic design, illustration and animation