Dr. Noam Topelberg


    Dr. Noam Topelberg is the Head of the Art Teaching certificate program, and academic coordinator of clinical training at the Teacher Education Program, Faculty of Education, Bar-Ilan University. He is also a Graduate of the Mandel leadership institute Program for Academic Leadership and serves as a national instructor for the design arts department of the Israeli Ministry of Education. His PhD., from the Department of Jewish Art at Bar-Ilan University, dealt with the visual language and iconography of Israeli female artists Relating to the victims of wars. He also specializes in the fields of visual culture and visual literacy. In recent years he has written a 520 hour long curriculum, and five textbooks, dealing with the impact of technology on visual culture and visual Codes, from the nineteenth century to the present day. This curriculum is now taught in more than 250 high schools all over Israel.

    • Theories of contemporary Visual Arts Postcoloniality, migration and diasporas gendered forms of transmission of knowledge social theory formal and informal education of women urban ethnography
    • Visual Arts
    • Visual Culture
    • Visual Studies
    • Visual Literacy
    • Art History
    • Art and Visual Culture Education
    • Design Education and Visual Culture
    • Photography
    • Visual and Cultural Studies
    • Israeli Art
    • visual codes
    • Contemporary Art

    Last Updated Date : 30/11/2022